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Silicon Beach Fest Downtown Los Angeles

Silicon Beach Fest Downtown Los Angeles

For the second time this year Kevin Winston held Silicon Beach Fest. Yesterday it was held at Cntrl Collective in Downtown.

If you are in the startup, technology or marketing businesses you should be connected to Kevin and Silicon Beach Fest.

Below are some of the highlights from the event.

Nicole Jordan, of Radix Collective, sat on a panel about the burgeoning startup culture in Downtown LA. Her emphasis is in the ability to create startup culture, create opportunities for collaboration and work to make all our initiatives build successfully. She said on stage “there was a purposeful endeavor to be the community that helps each other. This is a philosophy adopted by this community to be inclusive.” On her move to Downtown it was a desire to see startups and work with people who don’t work in tech. It’s a way of cross-pollinating ideas.

Later in the day we heard from keynote speaker Dirk Ahlborn of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. He talked about the hyperloop tech, their three other competitors, and their positioning as s technology company and not a transportation company. He touched on business models that transportation companies can deploy with Hyerloop, which include dynamic pricing based on how full a train may be. If you want to ride on the next train you’ll pay a premium because it’s 90% full. If you can wait for the 4th train from now the ride is free for you. He also shared the immense opportunity that hyperloop creates. It would revolutionize how we live. Imagine living in San Francisco and working in Los Angeles, and being able to commute to work within an hour.

I caught the Live Streaming Panel where we heard how different companies use live streaming to drive business, extend audience participation and drive business results. Notably, it was pointed out that the format for love content still hasn’t been sorted out, which means there room to innovate.

Most interesting to me was the tech that David Moricca of Socialive shared with me. Socialive let’s brands stream content live from multiple devices to multiple streams at the same time. For brands, Influencers and content creators this is a great solution to amplify your live streaming across platforms.

Finally, I had a great sit down with the Founder of RentHoop, the CTO of Laurel & Wolf and the Founder of Swell over some wine. What’s so amazing about these ad hoc conversations are the insights, transparency and lessons that can come from very candid conversations. We talked about funding companies, scaling at the lowest possible cost, identifying exactly what your business model is, and chatbot innovation.

This was another fantastic and valuable event Kevin! Long live Silicon Beach Fest. Congrats! Job well done.

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