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Small Business Remarketing Solutions

Small Business Remarketing Solutions

If you are an entrepreneur today you are so fortunate because it has been easier than ever to precisely target your customers.

There are lots of channels, lots of noise and many people talking about marketing. So, here is an overview of five easy to deploy tactics that will improve your bottom line if you are spending $500 a month or more.

These tactics work for local businesses like restaurants, plumbers and Doctors whose business thrive from walk in and nearby traffic. These work for startups recruiting apostles to share the brand’s great work. These work for B2B marketers, some of which are missing massive opportunities because they don’t speak to the customers who are showing interest.


The concept is simple: your prospects and returning customers are knocking on your door and it’s time to say Hello! With a simple code you can find these people and serve them an ad when they surf the web or go to a mobile app like Facebook.

Limit your targeting to recent visitors for the last seven days to ensure you remain a value rather than a pest. Serve up a coupon, a thank you message or a white paper to keep the prospect interested.

Place Google Tag Manager code on your site with a simple WordPress plugin, and then place a line of code from FB and a remarketing platform like Centro.

Then start the remarketing, even if you have only 1000 visitors to your site.

Facebook Algorithmic Targeting

You know all those likes, comments, shares and clicks you do on Facebook? That information is being used to develop a very specific profile of you and your interests.

If you own a restaurant you can target people characterized as “foodies” and those who love “bacon” and “brunch” and there’s your ad targeting. These keyword and interest targets are powerful!

How about reaching people who need a dentist? Target keywords “dentist”, “looking for a dentist”, “have a cavity”, etc. You get the idea.

For B2B marketers reach people with job titles like Accountant, Chief Information Officer, Publicist, Office Manager and Teacher.

Set the ads to run in as little as a mile radius around your location, and serve images or video that show your business in action. Even use FB’s free stock images.

Hyperlocal Ads

Coordinates about where you go in the physical world are being transmitted to advertising technology companies through your mobile device and the apps you’ve downloaded. Info is triangulated via your IP address, cell tower and wifi signal. For the vast majority of consumers, far more accurate data is collected down to the exact latitude and longitude of where you are. Right Now. Reading This Article. Hello.

For local advertisers this is huge! That means businesses are reaching people down to a 100 foot radius, and certainly up to miles around a location. Restaurants are reaching people who go to their competitor’s restaurants. Pet sitting businesses reach people at the local dog park. Hotels to reach people at airports and transportation hubs.

For B2B marketers hyperlocal means reaching users who are, and who have recently been to, conferences. Need to reach dentists? Target them when they congregate at dental conferences!

Ads are served mostly in mobile apps, most of the big names that you know and love for music, sports and news, and thousands of smaller ones for niche audiences.

Social Content Posting

Push past the trivial tidal wave of social postings and create a place for your apostles, fans, and evangelists to love you; to share that love with their friends; to endorse you because you made a different in their lives; and to love your customers back. Celebrate what you do best! Social posting is about picking the right channels for your business, and then right content comprised of words, pictures and video. Create or curate posts that speak to your business, but don’t sell. Comment, retweet, share and be part of the community. Post between 1-5 times a day. Amplify celebrations of your business, listen carefully to complaints and most importantly engage with your customers.

Social User Acquisition

Posting great content is one of two parts to social media success. The other element is about the mechanics of follow / unfollow work, and elements of growth hacking. It’s essential to acquire the right followers. On Facebook there are specific strategies that speak directly to getting fans, so that when you post more people – up to 20% – will see your post with greater organic reach. On Twitter it’s natural to follow others, and a portion will follow you back. Do this with apps like CrowdFire. Combine with a small ad buy – $50-100 – for best results. Across Instagram and YouTube posting great content, engaging with users and using the follow / unfollow work will get your message to larger groups of targeted fans.

Small businesses have boundless opportunities to reach just their targeted customers with precision that was once only available to Fortune 500 advertisers! Leverage these easy to implement tools today to boost your bottom line.


Robert Brill is Founder and CEO of, a hyperlocal marketing agency.

818-720-1632 I [email protected]

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today