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Social Remarketing Success Strategies

Social Remarketing Success Strategies

In this post, we’ll talk about the remarketing capabilities that exist in some top social media platforms.

We’ll start with Twitter. You have the ability to remarket to your followers on Twitter, and filter audiences to people who saw or engaged with your past tweets. You can also serve up ads to users who are both seen on Twitter, and who are on your email list.

On Pinterest you have the ability to remarket to people who visited your site, who are on your email list, and who have engaged with your pins.

On LinkedIn you can remarketing to past site visitors, to people who have viewed your video, and to people who have opened up your LinkedIn lead generation form.

YouTube has a robust remarketing setup, including the ability to target any past viewers of your channel, specific videos from your channel, and people who subscribed to your channel. Additional actions that are available include liking a video from your channel, adding your video to a playlist, and sharing your channel’s video. Through the Google Ads Audience Manager you can also target recent website visitors, various actions inside your apps, and customer data that you upload.

An under-utilized platform that I think is powerful is Quora. They also have remarketing options. So, if you place their pixel on your site, you can remarket to site visitors, or upload an email list and serve up ads to those users.

Snapchat gives us the ability to target recent site visitors, mobile app activity, email address uploads, and people who recently engaged with your ads on Snapchat.

TikTok’s new ad buying platform allows for site remarketing, email address remarketing, recent content engagement remarketing, and app activity remarketing.

So, you can see the general commonalities here across the platforms. Site remarketing is king, and email address remarketing is a solution that I think most advertisers don’t realize is possible. Across platforms you can remarket to people who have directly engaged with your brand on those social platforms.

My hope is that you see some remarketing opportunities here, and start remarketing to your audiences to drive growth for your business.

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