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Programmatic Managed Service Campaigns

Programmatic managed service campaigns
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Full Service Advertising Campaigns

Brill Media manages all aspects of programmatic campaigns, including strategy, pixel placement, campaign setup, optimizations, reporting, and insights delivery. 

Impactful Managed Service Campaigns

More than placing ads: meaningful connections between businesses and audiences. Leverage top demand side platforms (DSPs), data, targeting algorithms, and audiences to drive sales. 

Impactful advertising campaigns.
Setup your campaign with programmatic strategy

Start With Strategy

Define your audience, your business goals, economics, and competitive spending. Mix with Brill Media’s expert knowledge about the practices of reaching audiences. Execute expertly. 

Target Across All Digital Platforms

Never miss an opportunity to reach your customers across screens. Optimize by channel, platform, creative, and audience. Deliver to search, social, programmatic, and retail media. 

Omnichannel programmatic advertising
Top programmatic audience data

Power Audience Targeting with Data

Deploy data and algorithmic decision-making to find your best customers and give them the messages that resonate the most.

Run Creative at Scale

Deliver the all-star ads that compel your customers to spend money. Deploy dynamic creatives to scale up customized messaging. 

Dynamic creative optimization
Programmatic media dashboards

Dashboards and Insights

Track conversions across campaigns with fully managed pixel placement. Remain directly connected to your advertising with interactive campaign dashboards. 

All Media. All Channels.

Get the best of programmatic for your business: open web, private marketplaces, programmatic guaranteed, and direct buys. 

Programmatic private marketplace campaigns

Programmatic Managed Services

Tactical Considerations

Creative Optimization

Let creative feedback tell you exactly the messages that work in market. Understand the best offers, products, platforms, and services that grow your business. 

Creative testing ads
Connected TV ads

Full Funnel Advertising

Ensure your funnel is filled with new customers who are ready to buy. Run media to create demand, influence consideration, and generate immediate sales. 

Tracking The Consumer Journey

Understand the steps your customers are taking before they purchase. Track the consumer journey. 

Consumer journey tracking
Conquest your competitors business with hyperlocal targeting

Hyperlocal Advertising

Surround audiences based on their proximity to your business. Conquest prior visitors to competitor locations. Track foot traffic. 

Case Studies

Tourism Advertiser

$18 Per Location Visit

Ticket Sales

6,181% ROAS

Legal Ads

97% CTV View Rate

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

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