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Three Reasons Why TubeMogul Is A Strong Video DSP

Three Reasons Why TubeMogul Is A Strong Video DSP

Late this week Adobe bought TubeMogul for $540MM. Congrats all around!

As a user of the platform since 2011 there I’ve been a big fan of their business. There are three good reasons why TubeMogul is a fantastic media partner and DSP property.

1. Customer service

The core element of success for most businesses is determined by the people who make the business run. TubeMogul has instilled customer service into the heart of the business. The team is super responsive, easy to access, and generally very interested in ensuring customer success of its partners.

2. Ease of use

The platform is organized into four main screens: video upload, ad creation, planning and reporting. The process to setup a campaign is easy because the core elements of the platform are always accessible, the screens are well organized and the reporting allows me to see delivery in multiple views. For example, I can see delivery by line item, by keyword (which is unique) and by placement groupings. This combination allows me to hone in on performance elements at different levels of the campaign. A drill down by ad size, format, demographic data, viewability score and per site performance makes the platform robust. Real time reporting shows recent delivery stats. I know within hours when my campaign is both live and delivering impressions. It’s quick and easy to turn on and off sites, or copy placements to change targeting parameters. Their forecasting tool is helpful in the campaign planning phase as well.

3. Innovation

A key part of the programmatic ecosystem is the ability to create new targeting abilities across media and formats. One fun opportunity is the ability to remarket to users, or exclude users in Facebook after they’ve seen an ad served by TubeMogul. Simply place the Facebook Pixel into the Tubemogul tag manager and Facebook will capture data of the user who has recently been served, viewed, or clicked on a video ad. Those users can be then targeted on Facebook.

Through TubeMogul we have the ability to serve ads on Snapchat nationally, and ensure hyperlocal targeted ads are served to Factual data segments.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today