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Top Periscope Creators

Top Periscope Creators

With the creation of Meerkat and Periscope everyone now has the ability to be part of a live streaming world.

There are a few users I see over again in my Periscope feed.  These are businesses like Mashable and Perez Hilton who are extending their already well defined brands to the live stream space.  Mariah Carrey recently performed her new single Infinity on Periscope. Certainly news outlets are streaming behind the scenes viewpoints of their anchors, along with views of the on-scene experience.

Top influencers have quickly emerged.  Not surprisingly these are people who have used the app to teach something interesting, share a high spirited personality, or give users tips about how to use Periscope.

Alexander Khan – Entrepreneur

Alex shares the view during his travels, recently showing beautiful views of Singapore and Hong Kong.  Other streams share insights and practical advice about topics that live chatters bring up such as relationship questions.

Current Like Count: 10.0MM I Location: Germany

Amanda Oleander – Artist, Photographer, Painter

Amanda takes on a journey primarily focused on the art she creates, notably creating amazing digital illustrations live.  Recent streams include shopping for sunglasses, live giveaways and chatting with her fans at home.

Current Like Count: 8.7MM I Location: Los Angeles

Katja Glieson – Recording Artist, Influencer

Hanging out with her girlfriends at home and all around Los Angeles Katja plays games with Periscope viewers and shares behind the scenes about the recording business.

Current Like Count: 3.2MM I Location: Los Angeles

Mark Kaye – Radio DJ, Snapchat Star

Mark shares an insider views from Mark’s daily life as a radio DJ with in-studio info, reviews of current entertainment events, and tips for Periscope.

Current Like Count: 1.5MM I Location: Florida

Mark Shaw – Social Media Strategist, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Speaker

Mark approaches Periscope as tool to communicate to others who want to become successful across social platforms.  As he said in a recent intro: he’s here to help you get more viewers, more followers and more everything you want to achieve through social media, Periscope and Twitter.

Current Like Count: 844k I Location: London

AJ Random – Content Creator, Photographer and Musician

AJ shares his daily life from home.  Content includes tips and tricks for doing well on social media, such as the best time to post on Instagram, detailing the nuances of Instagram’s latest app update and general Q/A’s.

Current Like Count: 430k I Location: Virginia

TamaraSteinOfficial – Watchmaker

Tamara just three weeks ago didn’t have a single like on Periscope, and now she has over 157k.  Based in Germany she hangs out at home and on Periscope where she chats with people from across the globe.  Repeated topics: her cats, cooking and views of Germany.

Current Like Count: 157k I Location: Germany

Transparency and authenticity are certainly important across social platforms and they are critically important across Periscope and Meerkat.

In upcoming posts we’ll discuss privacy, opportunities to for marketers to work with these influencers and thoughts about the place of Periscope within the social platform ecosystem.

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