Brill Media Ranked Top Programmatic Consulting Firm [2020] Ranked Top Programmatic Consulting Firm [2020]

  • Today we’d like to introduce you to Robert Brill.So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. started because we saw an opportunity to give businesses access to the same tools, capabilities and expertise that are usually reserved for large advertisers with hundreds of millions of dollars to spend. In 2010, advertising took a turn towards mass automation with behavioral data and algorithms decisioning. Both create powerful ways to reach consumers. I was there helping transition my agency employer into the age of programmatic ad buying and I was an early adopter of this new age of digital advertising. So, we began in 2013 to offer marketing and advertising solutions to small and mid-size businesses so that they could benefit from these massive opportunities. Since then, we’ve taken on multiple agency clients and advertisers who want to leverage data and automation in their advertising practice. was ranked as one of the top consultants in Digital Ad Blog’s list of top programmatic consulting firms.

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Programmatic consulting firms help marketers deploy advertising technology. As we’ve helping companies scale with adtech here are the most common elements of the work.

  1. Define the use cases for the technology
  2. Understand the key language points that help organizations make the most out of their adtech
  3. Develop a working protocal for internal constituents as they onboard new technologies
  4. Capture the standard operating procedures needed to be successful in the long term.
The challenge with adtech is that many different companies use the same terms to sell themselves to potential customers, and it’s hard to really make sense of which companies are actually the best in class for that work. Even more importantly, companies will sell bells and whistles that may be fantastic, but without a strong reference to actual needs the marketer may create the wrong demand side technology partnerships.

For a full guide to creating a trading desk, with a lot more thoughts on programmatic consulting, demand side platforms, and creating the right setup for internal ad buying infrastructure download our free guide Agency Trading Desk Success Guide.

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