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WFH Real Estate Changes

WFH Real Estate Changes

The changing world of commercial real estate is more relevant now than it has ever been.

In a recent post I discussed the changes I expect to see in real estate over the next 10 years.

I discussed that more employers will choose for their employees to work from home. That employees will continue to want to work from home, and that all of this change will yield more mixed use commercial spaces.

The net result is more We-Work style spaces.

In this video we’re talking about the business implications of these change.

1. More Emphasis On Home

Any company that provides an accessory for work or business for home will become way more valuable. An example is the Lagio lap desk.

I interviewed Troy Goldhammer for the LA Business Podcast. He is the CEO and Founder of Aeon Gold, the company that brings this premium lap desk to market.

Businesses that sell cameras, tripods, lights, sofas, work from home accessories, and work inspired art have massive opportunities right now.

2. Pop Up of Mixed Use Companies

I expect to see a pop up of new mixed use companies that service companies like Shopify.

They are making their offices open for employees to come and go at will without having a permanent office.

Some companies that I’m paying attention to are H Club, Ignited Spaces, and Industrious Los Angeles.

The reason I think these companies will do well is because big companies like Facebook and Google, who won’t require people to go to the office daily.

They may end up offering monthly passes to one of these shared spaces for meetings.

3. Network Office Access

Another immediate need that I’ve experienced is the Starbucks effect. When I’m on the road going to meetings I’ll often end up in Starbucks.They have a place to sit, a bathroom, and electric outlets.

For the price of a tall coffee this is a great way to pass an hour or two between meetings when I’m not in the office. I’ve been at up to four Starbucks in a  day sometimes.

So, as we think about the changing world of commercial real estate. We’ll see lots of change in how people will experience work.

More people will work from home, and when it’s not practical to work from home, mixed use spaces will be critical.

We won’t be tied to any office except a home office. 

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