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What Are Acxiom Personicx Clusters?

What Are Acxiom Personicx Clusters?

There are a few companies who do data – big massive heaping piles of data – really well. 

The new world of advertising, programmatic is primarily about data and automation. All those ads you see that seem to be talking directly to you are a result of a comprehensive network of companies who look to make advertising smarter, more effective and easier to run.  By accessing top demand side platforms (DSPs) there are over 200 valuable data resources including Acxiom Personicx clusters, Datalogix, Epsilon, Experian, Transunion, Bombora, Visa, and Mastercard.

In this post we’ll look at Acxiom.

When Was Acxiom Founded?

The company was founded in 1969 and has been serving financial institutions, retailers, automotive, healthcare and travel marketers who need to understand the demographics of their customers. 

What Type Of Data Does Acxiom Collect?

They collect three types of data:

  • Publicly available data like DMV records, census records, government statistics and housing records
  • Information from surveys about consumer behavior and purchase patterns
  • Data from private parties like magazine subscribers and companies

This information helps them and their clients become smart about the world that we live in and answers questions about the products we purchase, when we are likely to make a purchase, what our banking habits are, where we travel in the world, and the brands that we prefer to buy from. 

What Are Personicx Clusters?

Under their Personicx brand marketers get analysis and targeting based on consumer segmentation of all US households into 70 segments. My Personicx Cluser is #29 City Mixers

City Mixers is markedly single, childless and urban. These white-collar professionals live in the nation’s largest DMAs. Their spending reflects singleton status, with clothing, shoes, electronics and travel high on the list. The group is particularly ethnically diverse – almost three times as likely to include Asians, along with greater percentages of African-Americans and Hispanics. There is a mix of renters and homeowners, although as city dwellers, homes tend to be apartments, condominiums and co-ops, not single-family homes. They enjoy a rich cultural existence, combining an extensive amount of travel, museum visits and the arts.

These Personicx clusters let advertisers look at lifestyle, income, net worth, home ownership and the presence of children in the household to paint a comprehensive picture.

Some of the data that Acxiom provides is seen below:

  • Interest – Weight Loss
  • Cord cutters
  • Whether TV watching is used for relaxation or for information
  • The type of TV shows you watch including baseball, biographies or children’s shows
  • Retail shopping down to specific stores like Burberry, Chanel and Fendi
  • Whether you are likely to respond to an email from Ace Hardware, Allstate Insurance Group or Apple
  • The airlines you travel on and the hotels you stay at
  • Whether you go to amusement parks, beaches or biking

The opportunity for large marketers is clear. Plug into the data stream, combine first party and third party data. Target people across devices with this immensely valuable user data from one of many companies who are experts at collecting and synthesizing consumer data.

For small and mid-size marketers the opportunity is to do the same with a little help from hyperlocal marketing businesses. Target your users on Facebook, on desktop and in mobile devices to the users who are most likely to be your customers. Deploy targeting with precision Personicx clusters.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today