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Why Facebook Business Manager Is So Important

Why Facebook Business Manager Is So Important

On Facebook there are a few different entities that are important to delineate, and they all come back to Facebook Business Manager.

  • Page – the place on FB where you can post as a business or any type of non human entity (such as government, charity, band, locality, and interest group)– like
  • Ad Account – the place where you buy Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Business Manager – the place the houses a massive array of options for business to use to reach customers, including housing the Ad Account

You have to have a page on Facebook to buy ads.

For companies that want to reach new people on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and the Audience Network there are a few key steps to take to be successful.

The best practice is to create a Business Manager account, which serves as a hub and spoke, meaning you can login with your personal credentials and there is a wall between your personal stuff and your business work.

There are a few key reasons why Business Manager is critical:

  • Give advertising or editorial access to a Page without divulging passwords
  • Take back control of the Page and various permissions at any time
  • Control ad spending, data delivery, and any new features that are pushed into Facebook for advertisers

There are three key permission levels that you should know about:

  • Admin – controls everything on the page
  • Advertiser – can run ads from the page
  • Editorial – can post content to the page

So, if you want to get started to advertise on Facebook here are your few next steps:

  • Create a Facebook Page
  • Create a Business Manager Account
  • Give the proper permissions to people for admin access, advertiser access, and editorial access
  • Give proper permissions for Ad Account
  • Run ads
  • Win, win, win

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today