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Demand Side Platform Capabilities

How excited would you be if you could target people based on the purchases they make on their credit cards, or because they visited a specific store in your neighborhood? These are among the many capabilities of demand side platforms (DSPs).

A DSP is a central hub for media buyers to access inventory across the open web, connected television (CTV), digital out of home (DOOH), and digital audio. We're talking about data from around 750,000 pre-existing datasets that compile information about the things we do day in, day out -- the places we go, the things we search for, the purchases we make both online and offline, not to mention a whole slew of demographic, psychographic, and purchase-intent data. In other words, the lifestyle that you live, the information that you consume, the media that you consume, the people that you follow -- all of that activity is being aggregated as a consumer and delivered to media buyers in the form of data segments in a DSP.

So if you need help reaching consumers in a very targeted, narrow way, you really want to understand the data segmentation capabilities of demand side platforms. In one platform alone, there's over 200 different data partners, including Axiom, Nielsen, Experian, Visa, MasterCard, TransUnion -- really big names and data that make marketers a lot smarter about who they target and where they target these ads.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today