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Do you want to hit a homerun with your paid media? Then get your creatives in order. This is part two of talking about different types of creative for digital advertising.

Brands can use testimonial videos, where they have people talking about how great their product is. A variation on this is people using text and imagery to communicate how well a product is doing for a customer. This can include credibility videos, for instance, where the brand uses logos from different publications to ensure that people know that they are highly regarded.

So for example, we use Inc 5000 and Financial Times 500 to show that we are credible among our peers. Brands can also use ads to link not to their website but rather to a piece of editorial that's been written about them. So if you're featured in Forbes, use paid media creative that links people to that Forbes article, because that builds your credibility.

Another great type of creative for digital advertising is the good old product shot: show the product and get people excited what about they're going to get.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today