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Email Remarketing Campaign

Email Remarketing Campaign

In the last post we talked about the types of opportunities that Facebook creates for remarketing.

One of the opportunities that we didn’t discuss, that’s available across Facebook, banners, video ads, Twitter, and most social media platforms is email address remarketing.

The core idea here is that you can upload a list of email addresses from people that have shared their email address with you, and target these people with ads.

The ads appear in whichever platform you are running. So, if you use this tool in Facebook the ads will appear on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

If you do this with demand side platforms then your email list will be deployed with banners, native ads, even connected TV ads.

Email address remarketing is a really effective way to identify users who are interested in your business and ask them to take more action.

For example, if you capture an ad with a Facebook lead ad, that means most, or all of those people, will have never visited your site. But, with email address remarketing you can push them down the purchase funnel.

You can segment these users into all kinds of lists, such as people who bought specific products, or have specific interests, or came into your email list from specific initiatives.

When you upload the email address list to Facebook, the platform then converts that list into Facebook user IDs, and targets ads directly to the user IDs represented by the email address.

For platforms like MediaMath and The Trade Desk you can upload an email list to a company like Throtle and LiveRamp.

These companies are identity resolution companies that connect the email address to a variety of user identifiers.

Those user identifiers allow the advertiser to reach users across the web. So, when a person is on the email list, and seen on a site like Yahoo, CNN, or on the HGTV app, the user has the opportunity to see your ad.

Email address targeting typically has 50% resolve rate. This means that about 50% of the people on the list will actually be targetable in the audience segment.

The other 50% are hard to find, and can’t be identified with the email address, so the result is those people are left out of the ad targeting list.

So, you can see email address targeting is a really valuable compliment to other types of data targeting that exists in the marketplace.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today