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Facebook Ads Remarketing Tactics

Facebook Ads Remarketing Tactics

Previously we talked about how to turn on Facebook for ad remarketing, including features for page remarketing and ad remarketing.

In this post, we’ll continue on with the solutions available for remarketing inside Facebook.

We’ll start with videos. A super effective way of understanding who is interested in your offering is to run a video.

While there are some placement restrictions on video ads, for example, you can run up to a 1 minute Instagram video ad, you have the ability to run long form video over a minute on Facebook.

The value here is the opportunity to remarket to people who watched a high percentage of the video.

The theory is that if someone watches 75% or 95% of your video you know they are really interested in what you have to say. There won’t be a lot of people watching your full video, but the ones who do are very important.

That watch time indicates a really engaged user. Simple go into Custom Audiences, and remarket to people who watched 75% or 95% of your video.

When you run events that are listed on Facebook you have some valuable remarketing opportunities.

So, let’s say you create a Zoom live stream and you ask people to RSVP to it on Facebook.

However you create awareness for it, whether it’s through FB ads, or word of mouth, Facebook is tracking the people who go to the page.

Facebook is also tracking who responded with Going, or Interested, who have bought tickets, who looked like they were going to buy tickets but didn’t, and who liked, commented, or shared posts related to the page.

Each one of these actions is a remarketing audience. In the Custom Audiences tab identify the action you want to capture, and start running ads. For example, you may want to remarket ads to people who responded as Interested, so you get them to go.

Or, you remarket to people who engaged with the page with a lead ad so you get them to download your free guide.

Inside Facebook Custom Audiences you have the ability to remarket to people who engaged with your Instant Experiences, Shopping experience within Facebook and Instagram, and Marketplace Listings.

What you can see is further demonstration that Facebook is an incredibly robust platform.

If you think about Facebook as a fully integrated funnel builder, you can start to create customized funnels that live entirely within the Facebook ecosystem, including Instagram, and Messenger.

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