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Facebook Remarketing Ads

Facebook Remarketing Ads

In this post, we’ll talk about how to turn on Facebook remarketing, with the focus on how Facebook and Instagram data helps connect an advertiser to its customers.

There are a variety of opportunities here, so we’ll focus on the Facebook page. Using Facebook’s custom audiences tool we create an audience of people who engaged in any way with the page for up to the last year.

This includes anyone who engaged with the page, the page content, messenger, or ads from your page on Facebook.

You can go a step further and remarket to anyone who visited your page. This is different from above because it limits the audience base to people who visited the page, regardless of the action they took.

A really valuable setting is the ability to target people who recently engaged with any post or ad coming from your page. So, if someone liked your Facebook ad, you can then reach them with a follow up ad asking them to buy your product.

Further interactions tied to the page include:

  • Clicked on the call to action button on your page
  • Sent a message to your page
  • Saved any of our posts

The targeting opportunities are the same for Instagram as well. So, you can reach recent IG page engagers, people who responded to posts or ads, and everything else I just mentioned. The only caveat is that your IG profile must be a business profile for this targeting ability to be available.

These are really valuable for a few reasons.

You literally don’t have the build a landing page for your campaign, because you can have your entire funnel exist within the Facebook and Instagram ecosystem.

One strategy that we deploy aggressively is to get people to take a tepid response as a form of interest. From there, we remarket to them to drive a sale or a lead.

In the last post we talked about site remarketing, where we serve ads to people who visited your site. If you replace the site with the FB page, you can remarket to recent page visitors.

This is a big time saver especially for small brands who don’t want to make custom landing pages.

It also serves as a different signal for ad performance testing. You can run site remarketing ads, and page remarketing ads, and see which one performs better.

So, on Facebook you have the ability to build a pretty robust funnel. But, there are some limitations with Facebook.

For more sophisticated brands site behavioral targeting is a much more robust way of filtering audiences and serving up unique ads to people interested in specific pages on the site, or products available on the site.

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