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First Party Data For Advertising: A Goldmine

Are you fully leveraging your first-party data for remarketing? We've run tens of millions of dollars of data and targeting in paid media, and the one data signal that is the absolute best for you is any of your first-party engagement and site-visitation data.

Engagement data tells you which people are interested in the content, the messages, and the ads you're putting out. So be sure that these people are being pushed down the purchase funnel and getting ad messages asking them to work with you right now. You can remarket (serve ads) to people who liked, commented, and/or shared your social media content or your ad.

Another valuable component of first-party data is video view percentage. The people who watch all, half, or even a quarter of your video are telling you they are interested. Push them down the purchase funnel and give them ads that allow them to buy the product right now.

Remarketing data for advertising is a key way to grow your business.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today