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Global Advertising Spending Forecasts Down $20B

Global Advertising Spending Forecasts Down $20B

Marketing is going to drop dramatically because of the downturn in consumer demand and the diminishing resources that we as consumers have. The global advertising stats shown in the report below reflect varying levels of drops, and often these drops are conflicting. So, it still remains too be seen what exactly the global drop will be. 

Here are some stats from eMarketer. Search spending in the US is expected to drop from $27.95B to between $23.81 and $25.52B. So, big drops.

US search ad spending is expected to drop.
US search ad spending is expected to drop.

Magna Global, via Wall Street Journal, is expecting 2.8% annual drop in ad spending, exacerbated by the pushed Olympics, lower political spending, and certainly slashed ad budgets by advertisers. The new US ad spending is expected to be $218B.

Ad-Buying Giant Magna Slashes U.S. Ad-Spending Forecast for 2020 Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

According to Variety, Facebook and Google are expected to see $44B worldwide overall loss in revenue. More specifically, Google expects $127.5, down $28B, which represents an 18% decrease. Facebook is expected to lose $15.7B, down 19% for the year. The new Facebook ad revenue is expected to be $67.8B.

Facebook, Google Could Lose Over $44 Billion in Ad Revenue in 2020 Because of Coronavirus

Global advertising spending is expected to drop from $712B to $691.7B according to eMarketer and AdExchanger. According to the article this decline in ad spending is actually an optimistic forecast, and it could certainly drop more. 

EMarketer Lowers Global Ad Spend Forecast Due To Coronavirus – And It Won’t Be The Last Time | AdExchanger

The way businesses can buoy against all of this downside is actually to take advantage of marketing with lower overall ad costs and dark competitors.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today