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How To Setup Location Advertising Campaigns

How To Setup Location Advertising Campaigns

Today we’ll discuss the elements of how to setup a location advertising campaign.

The core elements of a location advertising campaign are about knowing the places that our audience goes, and serving them ads. So, we’re really interested in understanding the signals that people share with us that tell us something significant about them.

We’re always looking for precision ways to reach the right consumer. That is one of the key promises of the programmatic advertising utilizing location advertising marketplace. Another way of saying it is scaled precision.

So, to create a hyperlocal campaign using location advertising we need to know four key factors:

  1. Who is your customer?
  2. Where are they right now?
  3. Where have they been recently?
  4. What do you want them to do once they’ve seen the ad?

Who is your customer?

This is an overall broad way to start the conversation. We want to know their state of mind, interests, motivations, and habits. This is asking a lot and we may now have all of this information, but it’s a thought starter. It can be something as simple as: our customers can only buy from two Wal-marts in LA, because that’s our test distribution store. Or, they can only buy at our five restaurants scattered throughout LA.

Where are your customers right now?

Depending to your answers above this may or may not be relevant. In the case of Wal-mart shoppers where they are right now isn’t as important. They could be anywhere. In the case of the restaurant example, we are interested in the 2-5 mile area that a user is in, because that’s how far most customers will travel for a bite to eat.

Where have the customers recently been?

In this example the key question for location advertising is whether the user’s past behaviors share something interesting. In the Wal-mart example, we only want to target ads to people who were shoppers at those to Wal-marts.

What do we want users to do after seeing our ads?

This helps flush out the strategy, messaging and media buy details. The question there is whether people should click on the ad to get a coupon, get more information, see a menu, or simply drive on over for lunch at the restaurant.

So, that’s a brief way of looking at location advertising otherwise known as hyperlocal advertising data for marketing campaigns. 

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