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5 Paid Media Best Practices

If you want your paid media campaigns to be successful, be sure to avoid these five paid media mistakes.

1. Stop running ads without your pixel or conversion API set up. This is your feedback loop to determine what works and what doesn't work with your paid media. Have this set up.

2. Stop running ads without a goal and a strategy. Your goal is your destination and your strategy is how you're going to get there. Do not wander aimlessly in this paid media journey or you'll continue to make paid media mistakes.

3. Stop testing ads without a good reason. Every channel you run must be justified in your strategy. If it's not in your strategy, it doesn't get your paid media dollars.

4. Stop running one or two ads for months at a time. You need to find your all-star team of creatives and you can do that with a creative testing framework.

5. Stop making low-confidence decisions without data. Your data is a roadmap on this paid media journey. Always defer to data so you'll be less likely to make paid media mistakes.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today