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Platform Remarketing Capabilities

Platform Remarketing Capabilities

In this post, we’ll start talking about the different types of remarketing that can be deployed for advertisers.

The core idea for remarketing is that you are serving ads to people who have recently engaged with your business in some way.

Here are some of the signals that enable remarketing

Site Traffic

For many marketers this is the holy grail of remarketing that is most synonymous with how advertisers think of remarketing. Any person who visits your site is tracked, and with those trackers in place ads can be delivered to users when they are seen on the web

Facaebook Engagement

Facebook is a great store of consumer data as it relates to your business. Plus, Facebook gives you the tools to filter into different actions that people take on Facebook or Instagram, and advertisers can use remarketing to reach out to these people.

Email Address

Email address remarketing is about serving up ads to people who are on a list. The list must be a group of people whose data you have collected. This tool allows you to use an email address as an identifier, even if they user haven’t visited your site.

App Engagement

For any app owner that wants to get people to buy a product inside an app, or fund an account to play a game, app engagement targeting lets marketers push the consumer towards an in-app goal

Across Platforms

Many platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Amazon allow users to be remarketed based on actions a person took directly inside these platforms. For any brand that is particularly reliant on these tools, remarketing with their unique engagement actions is super valuable.

This was just a high level view of they types of platforms where remarketing can happen. In the coming videos we’ll dive into all of these examples and talk with more granularity about the types of remarketing to deploy.

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