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The 9 Benefits of DOOH

Benefits of DOOH advertising
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1. Many Ad Options

Digital out of home represents a myriad of screens for advertisers to leverage for their marketing. The most common of these screens are billboards, bus shelters, urban panels, transit ads, and malls. But, there are so many more, including gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, office building screens and gyms. For a full rundown of digital out of home screens checkout our Digital Out Of Home Guide. With so many ad options, this medium presents opportunities for advertisers to reach customers and clients effectively.

Out of home ads in NYC
Reach users on billboards along freeways with digital out of home advertising

2. High Impact Visibility

Digital out of home ads are generally placed in high traffic areas, which is a key part of their value proposition. You’ll see them at corners of busy intersections and walkways in urban areas, in malls, inside office buildings, and at gas stations. 

3. Easy To Update Ads

Traditional out of home ads require big ad spends and months to prepare the campaign. The banners must be physically printed, and so costs are higher. In contrast, digital out of home advertising just needs a digital ad created to spec. A digital file in the form of a JPG is uploaded to an ad platform, similar to how Meta ads or banners are uploaded. When promotions of offers need to change, simply swap out the file. This system makes local contextualization across the country far easier than with physical banners. 

Brill Advertising in DOOH
Urban panel ads

4. Engaging Experiences

The DOOH equivilent of a click is a scan of a QR code. As a result many DOOH ads have interactive elements to connect the viewer back to their mobile device. This connection gives busineses the ability to retarget users on mobile devices later, and track attribution from DOOH to website purchase.

5. Flexible Targeting

Think about DOOH in the form of other digital ad targeting, and you’ll see the big targeting opportunities. Advertisers can target down to a single screen, for example. In NYC the DOOH company Intersection allows businesses to triangulate ads to the exact location of their business. So, if a business has one location, the ads can direct people into the shop just for that one location. 

From there targeting expands to the area, to the general region, and out from there. Marketers can target specific screens, which really helps the media strategy come to life. If you sell inside a mall, it may make sense to run ads in malls. If you sell at a Walmart, ads can target the 2 mile radius around a particular Walmart location. The result is infinite opportunities to craft a campaign unique to a business.

Local DOOH ads
Measure digital out of home ads with foot traffic studies

6. Measurable Advertising

There are multiple ways to measure the effectiveness of DOOH advertising.

QR Code To Website Activity

QR code scan links to mobile webiste, which then tracks to online activity such as a lead or a sale. 

Location Attribution

Location proximity data identifies the mobile devices that are in the viewing distance of the ad, and are then matched to people who walk into a physical location such as a store or a restaurant.

Correlation Analysis

Web searches will increase as brand awareness increases, so businesses can match the geographies of the DOOH ads an increase in branded web searches. Similarly, businesses can track sales data to DOOH location data.

Brand Lift Studies

Conduct studies to understand brand awareness before and after the ads run.

7. Brand Building

DOOH ads are great to build brand with easily viewable messages in big public locations. Brand visibility helps increase the effectiveness of other advertising channels.

Grow your brand with digital out of home
Miami digital out of home ad

8. Wide Reach

Reach a large group of people, including commuters, locals, and tourists. Set the stage for a successful advertising campaign by priming consumers to recognize the brand. When prompted to buy the consumer will be more willing to buy from a brand they recognize. Additionally, because digital out of home ads run on a variety of screens for 8-15 seconds, they get distributed across more screens in a larger geographic area. 

9. Cost Effective

Digital out of home is far less expensive than traditional out of home advertising. There are fewer production costs and a more streamlined way to get ads into the marketplace. In other words your advertising investment goes further. There are no minimum spend requirements, which makes the channel accessible to more advertisers. And even those with big budgets get greater reach. 

Mall ads on screens

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