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Top Contextual Advertising Agency Data Companies

Top Contextual Advertising Agency Data Companies

In this post, we’ll look at some of the companies in the contextual data marketplace. Brill Media is a contextual advertising agency serving clients with targeted lead generation and ecommerce sales. Contextual targeting is one of the key methods we use to grow businesses.


Moat was acquired by Oracle in 2017. This company grew on the premise that it will help advertisers understand ad viewability.

Is an ad impression in view? Moat, using code across the web, helps advertisers measure.

Their tools help brands understand how many hours of paid media video has been viewed by consumers, the number of engagement interactions that are happening as a result of ads, and they help ad buyers understand how to optimize based on these metrics. 


Grapeshot is another company that was acquired by Oracle, happening in 2018.

Grapeshot is a great technology, that like DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Sciences, helps advertisers target ads to users based on context.

What I particularly like about Grapeshot is their self service tool, which lets us create custom targeted segments that are pushed into our demand side platform.


Peer39 is yet another valuable contextual targeting company.

They have a great tool that allows advertisers to target ads by keywords, and ads on individual URLs.

Like Grapeshot, simply define your targeted parameters, push into your demand side platform, and your campaign is running.

This company was independent, was then rolled up into Sizmek, and then after the Sizmek bankruptcy is currently owned by a private equity firm O3 Industries.

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Supercharge Your Media Buying Today