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Website Remarketing (How To)

Website Remarketing (How To)

In this post, we’ll dive into site remarketing, as part of our overall series on remarketing for advertisers.

Site remarketing allows advertisers to serve ads to people who recently visited their site. If you stop there, and you do this, you are doing remarketing. But, let’s dive into how this happens, and the types of ways site remarketing can be activated.

The basic setup is to serve ads to everyone who visited your site. This is good if your site is small, or you are trying to demonstrate overall efficacy of remarketing.

If you want to drill down when we turn on remarketing we go more granular. Sometimes for campaigns we turn on ads to people who visited specific sections of the site.

So, if your site is an ecommerce site you may have a blog, an about section, and a set of products pages. If you want to understand what works, you can breakout your site remarketing into three sections: blog, about, and products.

So, people who visit the blog page is one audience. People who visit the about page is another audience. Everyone who visits the products page is a third audience. If you’re trying to drive sales, then it’s likely that people visiting products pages are your best bet.

Further, you can then break out product remarketing by categories, names, or URL patterns. So, if you sell T-shirts you can breakout an audience for men’s shirts and women’s shirts.

Or, you can go even further and setup a separate remarketing audience for every single product you sell. The best practice here is to pair up dynamic creative and remarketing, so that people who visited a product page about a specific shirt design gets an ad that references that specific shirt design.

By doing this your advertising campaign data will tell the story of the audience targets that drive the most clicks and sales.

A really valuable setup for product advertisers is to remarket to cart abandon users. So, a person who visits the page, adds an item to the cart, and then doesn’t buy, gets an ad asking them to complete the purchase.

Another way of deploying remarketing from the site is to reach out to past product buyers, and serve them an ad for a complimentary product. A person who bought a red T-shirt may be interested in red shorts. Kevin Winston, I’m looking at you.

Using tools such as a data management platform advertisers have the ability to record unique behaviors on the site. For example, you may want to target people who did the following actions: visited the homepage, and at least two different product pages.

This type of remarketing uses a custom behavioral recipe to identify key users and serve them up unique ads.

So, as you can see site remarketing is a super robust tool that lets advertisers pair up unique ads to users based on the relationship between the user and the advertiser.

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