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What Is Remarketing?

What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing is one of the most powerful tools available for advertisers, and in the next few post, we’ll dive into details about what it is, how you can deploy it, and the theory behind remarketing.

The core idea for marketing, even if you take out the advertising component, is to capture user attention. In order to sell something people need to know you exist. In order for them to know you exist, you need communicate as much to the larger marketplace.

By communicating to people that you offer a product or service you are driving attention to your business, and in the process pushing people down the purchase funnel.

You get attention, and some of that attention turns into consideration. People who want what you offer look more closely at you, which can only happen because you drove attention to your business.

Then, things go well, and the person is about to make a purchase. They visited your site or engaged with your Facebook page, and you know they are interested.

Then, the user makes the purchase. They buy in store, or they buy online.

Across that process remarketing plays a really important role.

Remarkeing allows you, the advertiser, to reconnect with a consumer after they have expressed interest in your business.

At every touch point you can follow up with an ad the further educates or persuades the user to continue engaging with your business.

What makes remarketing particularly interesting is that the audience is warm to your pitch. You know they know who you are, and you know they have some level of interest.

The emphasis is on “some”. We’re not saying that a users is hot and ready to buy. We’re saying the user may have taken a simple and tepid response, that tepid response is all you need to start engaging them.

Even something as simple as a like on Facebook is a good point of engagement to start with.

In the upcoming posts we’ll dive into why that even tepid response is valuable for a business, and go into details about the different places remarketing can happen, and the different types of data that can be deployed with remarketing.

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