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Building An Agency Trading Desk

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[Q2 2020 Update]
It's now more important than ever to understand the mechanics of how to build an agency trading desk. I've been doing this for and other businesses since 2011, when I started buying ads self service in MediaMath, then TubeMogul, now Adobe, Facebook Business Manager, The Trade Desk, RTBIQ, Basis, and other platforms. Learn how to revolutionize your ad buying teams, maximize your existing staff, and operate more efficiently than ever before.

Robert Brill, CEO,

31 Page Guide For Agencies -
How To Build An Agency Trading Desk

Create More Agency Profit

Lower Ad Inventory Costs

Offer New Client Solutions

We put together a 5 step guide showing you how to build a digital ad buying business unit, or an agency trading desk. We discuss staffing, trends, questions to ask, and opportunities to look out for.

  • How to create a decision making framework
  • Understanding the ecosystem
  • Deciding on the tools
  • Refining the process
  • Productizing your new capabilities

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2020 Success Guide:
Building An Agency Trading Desk

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