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If you are responsible for marketing and advertising your business here are a few tools that I've used that really help with the work we do.

If you are responsible for marketing and advertising your business here are a few tools for marketers that I’ve used that really help with the work we do.


This tool provides the simple ability to follow people on Twitter and Instagram, and to identify the people who don’t follow you back. From there, you can go in, select the people who don’t follow you back and unfollow them. The result is the ability to hone in directly into the users are are connected to you, and push aside the ones who don’t bother following you back. The app also lets us identify specific accounts that are interested in, and follow the people who follow that account. For example, @brill_media creates the same content as @mediamath and @tubemogul, and we want the people who follow those accounts to follow us. So, we’ll use Crowdfire to follow the followers of @mediamath.

This is a great tool to build your follower base on Twitter.


This is a plug and play app that lets marketers create templated lead pages. These lead pages are great because they allow marketers to skip all the CSS, custom web design and other more expensive web needs, and directly build a page that gets the user to submit their contact information. Another great feature is the automation capability. So, people who submit a lead will get a customized thank you page, and you can setup for them to get a text message or email after information has been submitted.


If this, then that, is a great tool to automate social media posts. When I create content for on Instagram IFTT will then automatically post to my Facebook Page and my Twitter account. IFTT works with recipes, so you can create your own or use already created recipes. Other use cases include posting to Pinteret, updating your blog page and then posting to social media, sending alerts when the weather dips below a certain temperature and create a web page out of Instagram posts. Because it’s so customizable, and with so many different connections available, the tool is sure to provide you with some time savings.


This service allows you to choose from a variety of stock photo footage, music, formats and text layouts to create really high quality video ads. These are especially useful if you are consistently rotating into fresh ads on Facebook, YouTube and other social platforms.


If you are using a Mac and have had troubles with Microsoft Outlook as I have, I found a good solutions in PostBox. It’s easy to use, streamlined and most importantly, it works well. I switched from Outlook when I found it was switching my emails randomly. Because I have, at times, more than four email addresses, it’s important to keep them all straight, so that emails sent from don’t appear to be coming from Postbox supports a streamlined email system, signatures and easy sorting. Great tool when I thought I may not find a solid solution. The only thing it doesn’t do, which would be good, is support of exchange email programs. So, if you use public accounts like gmail and yahoo you’ll be good.

You can find more good email clients from this review made by SoftwareHow.

Robert Brill

Robert is the CEO of, host of the LA Business Podcast, and host of The Great Reset on YouTube.

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