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Should We Be Marketing Now?

The essential guide for marketing agencies and business owners answering tough questions about marketing during downturns. See evidence-based research about how businesses have thrived in past economic downturns to grow sales, increase profits, and become staples in American life.

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Great Brands Marketing Today

My Name Is Robert Brill

I’m on your side because we’re in this together.

Like you, I’m a business owner. There is so much change in the world and I needed to know which direction to advise my clients, and which direction to take my business. I’ve been working on BrillMedia.co since 2013, and with the very fast economic slowdown I wanted to know what happened in past downturns. 

This secondary research guide looks at data going back to 1921 to understand what happens when companies continue to market during economic slowdowns. Is there any good reason for companies to keep spending money to reach consumers?

The research answers key questions affecting all business owners.

Should we be marketing now?

Is marketing important right now?

Should I wait and see what happens?

What should we expect if we continue to spend on marketing?

How do I market without being tone deaf?

How do I know if I should be investing in new customers?

What are other companies doing today?

My business is non-essential, should I run ads?

What happened during past recessions?

What have other companies done when recession hits?

Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?

What I want you to do with this information is make a strategic and informed decision about how your business may be able to grow even with the uncertainty we all face.

For Marketers

Take this research as a guide to advise clients. Grow your business with this research. Thrive. We show examples of how how PR, press, social media, influencers, and advertising have helped brands grow during past recessions. The sources include reputable news publications, research reports, and case studies demonstrating how and when marketing efforts pay off for business owners. Some of the most indelible marks in the marketing business have been created out of massive economic downturns. Use this document to advise your clients about when and how to market.

For Business Owners

It seems like the sky is falling, but I want you to see that there are forms of opportunity. I want you to see the incredible innovation that has come out of the most challenging times in American history. According to the SBA, small businesses make up 49.2% of all private-sector employment. The decisions we make impact our families, our communities, the people we employ, and the customers we serve. I want you to have the knowledge and resources to help make good decisions.

In this document we go through a series of questions that you can ask yourself about whether it’s the right time to market your business.


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