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2020 Success Guide:
Building An Agency Trading Desk

Build A Programmatic Trading Desk

Activate media with the best demand side platforms in the market to create better marketing outcomes for your clients

Better Media Buys

Client return on ad spend increases as data driven ads push business to new heights

Lower Inventory Costs

Provide clients with higher return on ad spend with stronger performance

New Agency Revenue

Run media as a profit center for your agency

So Many Acronyms

Filter through the complexity and go straight to the profits

Develop expert knowledge about the elements of the programmatic ad buying ecosystem. Get a custom ad-buying-systems recommendation, meet with partners, onboard and get training. We'll help you build a programmatic trading desk.

Connect first party and third party data

Get a more holistic view of your customers and how the connect with your business.

Identify the best demand side platforms (DSPs) for your business

Determine the key tools to use to develop your ad buying business.

Define the best optimization approaches

Create an optimal optimization procedure across media inventory, devices, sites, apps, frequency, and purchase funnels

Create a private marketplace (PMP) strategy

Onboard custom inventory solutions vetted for your clients.

Model audience data

Develop look a like audiences of your best customers.

Dynamically reach new consumers

Use custom dynamic creative solutions to serve up ads that connect to the user's recent interests. 

Partners Include

Partners Include

A message from the CEO

" We make it possible for businesses to out-compete the largest brands in the world with the best advertising tools, data, ad inventory, automation, and optimization available in the marketplace. If you want to build a profitable business and delight customers, all without spending a fortune, this is how you do it. Welcome to"


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A forum for business owners and senior executives to share the experiences about the elements that drive their success.

Programmatic Trading Desk
in Los Angeles

Start earning stronger return on ad spend by deploying the best data, targeting, ad inventory, and optimization.

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Learn how to revolutionize your ad buying teams, maximize your existing staff, and operate more efficiently than ever before.

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70 Page Recession Marketing Guide

Get the insights, case studies and research about companies that use marketing to thrive during recession.