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Retargeting For Agencies and Businesses

Retargeting is the most valuable way to acquire customers. Reach people who have already been to the business website. They may have already added products to cart, or the are exploring their next purchase. Retargeting ads keep advertisers top of mind while they shop around. 

White Label Advertising Experts

Brill Media is a white label media buying agency for agencies. Companies pair up their creative, social, and strategy with our media buying work to deliver comprehensive advertising solutions. 

1. Abandon Cart

Great for e-commerce advertisers. When a person adds product to your store cart, and leaves without purchase, serve them ads and get them to purchase. 

Ecommerce retargeting
B2B lead retargeting

2. Lead Segmentation Retargeting

This tactic is great for B2B advertisers, and some B2C businesses with high ticket purchases. When a lead comes in segment users based on the data you have about them, and then serve ads based on different lead segments. For example, if you ask about their budget for a project, the people who the highest budget get a call-back. The people with lower budgets get remarketing ads for lower value services.

3. Social Retargeting

When people like, comment, engage, or follow your social media pages, they are signaling their interest in your business. Retargeting then makes it possible to continue to the conversation with people. Common options that work really well include:

  • Retargeting based on page followers
  • Retarget anywhere between 25% and 100% video viewership
  • Retarget people who liked, commented, or shared your posts
Social retargeting for business growth
Top search retargeting

4. Search Retargeting

Reach people who have recently been to your website and who are searching for keywords you are bidding on. This method gives preference to people who have already connected with your business and appear to be in-market for your service. The net effect is that businesses can be at the top of search results for their key customers. 

5. Native Retargeting

One of the most surprising types of retargeting is native ad retargeting. Native ads appear in-line with content on top domains including for news, sports, and entertainment. You may not have noticed them because they look a like the articles that appear on the site.  Native retargeting is about delivering messages to your recent site visitors with these native ad placements.

Native retargeting services

White Label Advertising Experts

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