The Four Steps Of A Consumer Journey

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We take you through the four steps in the consumer journey.

In our previous post we started talking about consumer journeys, the series of steps a person takes, mostly before, and sometimes after, they buy.

There are four steps in the consumer journey:

  1. Demand Generations
  2. Consideration
  3. Purchase
  4. Reaction

In the demand generation phase the brand is creating awareness about the product. The basic ideas is the brand is telling the consumer: did you know we make this product, or offer this service? That’s it.

In the Consideration phase the consumer has decided to make a purchase decision, but before they buy they need to figure out what to buy. They do research where they look at specifications, prices, colors, features, reviews, and testimonials. This is where the consumer is making up their mind.

In the Purchase phase they are buying. The product or service is presented, and the consumer either buys, or doesn’t buy. This is a moment, because the act of buying is usually a very short period of time.

Then, in the post purchase Reaction phase the consumer does a whole slew of new things that generally was not a big part of the process until the computers, the internet, and mobile communications became a big part of our life. This is the stage where people pepper in brands in their social media conversations, generate online reviews, and talk to customer service. This new creation of media helps brands expand their word of mouth.

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Robert Brill

Robert is the CEO of, host of the LA Business Podcast, and host of The Great Reset on YouTube.

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