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Precision Digital Advertising

You need an advertising strategy activated effectively by a team you trust. Combine data, platforms, and a very experienced team to grow your business.

Full Service Agency

Full service advertising
Demand side platforms

Extensive Reach Across Platforms

You need an advertising agency that will give you extensive reach across platforms. Brill Media runs on platforms including:

1. Hyperlocal Targeting

Deliver ads in the immediate area of your business, down to 1/4 mile radius. Hyperlocal advertising reaches people who have recently visited a location, and use behavioral markers to target your audience.

Hyperlocal advertising in Los Angeles
Meta advertising campaigns

2. Meta Ads

Keys To Success: The Brill Media team will train Meta’s machine learning algorithm to find your best customers. Deploy dynamic creative, test creative types, and set campaign objectives effectively. That means better performance, more sales, and no wasted ad spend.

3. Google Ads

Keys To Success: Set keyword strategies, ad group structure, match types and acquisition goals inside Google Ads for optimal performance. Vary ad creative and landing pages for improved performance.

Google search advertising
Ad creative testing on Meta

4. Creative Testing

Through the Brill creative testing framework deliver the best messages to your customers. Understand the products, services, offers, and messages that work the best for your business based on ad activity

5. Attribution & Measurement

Deliver advertising that tracks to actual, source of truth sales. You don’t need likes, shares, and clicks. You need sales, and Brill Media campaigns optimize to money to your business.

Conversion tracking for ad campaigns

Supported Business Objectives

Advertising Agency Los Angeles

Everything That's Included

Custom Campaign Dashboard

Understand the individual user segments that perform the best for the campaign. This insight helps businesses create greater investment return on advertising. It also informs on new products and services to offer. 

Custom campaign dashboards
Target ads across channels

Target Across Channels

Deliver your ads across channels to generate interest, create engagement, and capture new sales. 

Creative Development

Deliver customized ad messages based the user data available. This can show up as remarketing ads that feature the product that has been recently shopped for. 

Digital ad creative development
Dedicated account management

Dedicated Account Management

Deliver your ads across channels to generate interest, create engagement, and capture new sales. 

Case Studies

Healthcare Leads

90% Lower Lead Cost

Local Ticket Sales

1,106% ROAS

School Recruitment

83% Of Total Registrants

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