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Responsive Social Marketing

Responsiveness is important. As of this writing I’m handling an issue with my site. It’s down, and I can’t access it.

Custom audience targeting across channels is important for advertisers to drive business

Custom Digital Audiences

The rise of custom audience targeting is a very important part of the evolution of the digital advertising ecosystem.

Trading desk advertising units are critical to buying media

Staffing Agency Trading Desk

As trading desk advertising becomes the de-facto way media agencies operate, programmatic ad buying knowledge becomes critical to have.

Facebook ad spending and the rise of CPMs

Facebook CPMs Are Increasing

If you’re a marketer on Facebook you should be paying attention to the pricing of your Facebook ads. Big brand marketers are flooding the market with a glut of spending.

To understand Facebook ad targeting you must first understand your customers

Facebook Keyword Interest Targeting

Facebook is a powerful marketing platform and there are lots of ways to reach really precise audiences on Facebook. So here are a few tips and tricks for marketers small and large who want to make the most out of the Facebook algorithm and the immense treasure trove of data housed within Facebook.

There are new Facebook engagement ads capabilities you need to know about

Remarketing User Engagement on Facebook

Some powerful new targeting is available within Facebook. If you’re a marketer looking to capture attention after users have clicked on a lead form, or who have watched 50% of your video Facebook makes it easy to reach those particular users with custom audiences.

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today