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What is hyperlocal targeting?

What Is Hyperlocal Targeting?

What is hyperlocal advertising?

We throw out that term with reverence because it is such an immensely powerful tool for marketers big and small to deploy.

Emarketer is reporting that programmatic ad fraud is on ad buyers list of things to solve

Real Time Bidding Ad Fraud

Programmatic is a robust and still growing opportunity for our ecosystem. With change comes opportunity and apprehension, as evidenced by the latest report from eMarketer showing that “nearly 60% of ad agency professionals said they were fearful about the inventory quality available when engaging in programmatic buys.”

Vine Logo

I’m Sad Vine Is Shutting Down

Vine is my favorite social media platform and I’m sad to see it go. In celebration of the community and the silliness of the platform here are 10 of my favorite Vines!

Hyperlocal radius targeting for business owners

Radius Targeting Ads

The streamlined approach reflects the work that resonates with clients.Our focus is Hyperlocal advertising, and the work that extends out of that core business is Enterprise Programmatic and Small Business Solutions.

Facebook lead ads let users share their information with you

How To Improve Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads are now over a year old. They let the marketer convert a user directly from within an ad unit by sharing key points of information such as email address, name and phone number. Here are three points to remember for lead ad campaigns and some tips for success.

Sales feedback loop for media publishers

Advertising Testing Hypothesis

It’s clear that before maximizing revenue, sales organizations (and entrepreneurs of all stripes) need to define exactly what they are and what the market opportunity actually is.

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today

Supercharge Your Media Buying Today